7 Ways to Still Kickback in the Summer of 2020

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There are a lot of cancelled events, holiday plans, travel plans, etc. spurned across everyone’s calendar right now. Everyone who’d planned so hard to make the most of the first summer of this decade is now caught up in a jeopardy. But well, this goes for everybody, even those who hadn’t still gotten down to planning their summers. Everyone is in this one together right now. And, somehow it should be a good thing.

In ways we might’ve not known before, we’re coming together as a people. Things that have been ignored and skedaddled for years have now come into the forefront. In short, a lot of attention is being paid by the people towards the world and how it currently works, and, how it should work.

This increased sense of attention to detail along with the time we have on our hands (NOW more than ever), should be put to good use by us all. This is especially important because as we voice our concerns about the world, we should also be doing things that are going to help us look inward and improve ourselves.

So, although different, the summer of 2020 is still right here for our taking. The good news is that like any other summer, we’ve still got the power of what we decide to do with it. So, in regards to the global pandemic, here are 7 things you can do to enjoy your summer –

1) Create your own swimming pool

You can go about this any way you like really. Most of us have had childhood experiences with tiny or backyard pools. It’s time to put all of that experience to use.

If you do need some inspiration, well this guy from Thailand will give more than you will ever need. Though, it is important to know how much we can and ought to do without outdoing ourselves.

The plan should be to mostly keep it simple whilst still enjoying the process and of course, the pool afterwards.

Friendly reminder — Use water sparingly.

2) Visit local/nearby beaches/rivers/lakes

If you like the water, you’ve most likely been to most beaches, lakes and rivers around where you live already. But out of these, and of course, some more that are further-out, there has got to be a significant number of the ones you’ve rarely visited or not visited at all.

If you’ve not got too much time on your hands for extended trips around the bodies of water, you can easily plan weekend trips, quick getaways, or even a one-day trip. Don’t let anything stop you from being adventurous; and if you don’t much do outdoors or haven’t been for a while, now’s the best time to start.

Everyone who loves the water and being around it would easily vouch for the increased feelings of nourishment and vitality.

You can also go a little further and plan a kind of trip that you’ve never done before. This could include surfing, reading, camping-it-out, building a beach shack or even sandcastles. The different, the better.

3) Create your own gym/workout space

This could be done by yourself or in conjunction with some of your workout buddies. It’s a harsh reality that almost every gym, community centre, group-activity classes, etc. across the world are currently shut. In terms of the essential requirement of keeping fit and healthy during the pandemic, this has posed to become a big problem for everyone.

But, what better way to get around it than by creating your own space(s) where you can still continue your workout(s)? Though, it is still utterly important to keep in mind that whatever you create would be used by either only yourself or with the ones you trust.

A workout space can easily be created by getting together the general paraphernalia and some other essentials tools that would be required in the kind of workout you’re aiming to do. You’d already have a fair idea of most of the things you’d need; if not, you easily check with your gym buddies, trainers, or even online. If you’re planning on creating a more communal space, pool in resources.

Take heed of the situation and the future before you go all-out with your creation. Do not build something extensive if you’re not going to use it for a long time. Also, take the utmost care when working out with others.

4) Build something; like a tan bed or a coffee table or a sculptor or something

Let your creativity flow right here and right now. Take some time-out to dwell upon what you really need; or need to create. Really ponder on it.

What you conclude upon could range from anything. It could be artistic, scientific, technological, etc. in nature. But, make sure it’s something that challenges you at certain levels and brings out the best in terms of what you’re looking to get out it.

For best results, you could start-off with a prototype i.e. if you want to create a mural, first create a smaller or more indoor version of it.

5) Plan a road-trip

Probably the safest option when it comes to being able to still travel during the pandemic. Mainstream tourist hotspots are definitely a no-go for, most likely, the rest of the year.

Road-trips come high in the lists of several travellers when it comes to the idea of a holiday. This time, you could take a trip to some of the places you’ve always wanted to visit but never had the chance to before.

Though, in order to have a good and uninterrupted road journey, you should make sure to do your research when it comes to all of the locations you want to visit or will be passing through. Check current rules and laws not only for the exact locations but also for the district or states in which they are.

If you’re up for a little more adventure and have the will to do so, try something more unique when it comes to resting for your head for the night.

6) Camp it out

You can easily combine your road-trip with camping it out for as many nights as you’re out and are able to. Perhaps the bravest and still safest option of enjoying your summer this year.

If you’re unsure of how and where to go, ask for tips from some of your traveller buddies or check online forums and websites.

Although, do not forget to know to not go to spots that would have a lot of people around. This time would be better if you pick places that could be considered off-beat (but still safe).

Camping is an extremely sustainable choice during the pandemic. This is the perfect time to explore the more adventurous and wilder side in you.

7) Start a slick business

Nothing beats being productive; except, being productive whilst still having fun. Never has been a better time (yes, again) to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey, if you haven’t yet already begun.

Gestalt your ideas and intuitions that have been brewing within you over time and churn-out something that would yield you the extra income you have always needed but never have gotten around to yet.

Depending on the extent of your ideas, plans, its practicality and scalability, you could either begin right away or create stone-cold blueprints for your plans along with a time-frame or date to begin.

You could do anything from selling your art, clothes, hosting a sale of items you don’t longer need, to launching an e-business or any other kind of business.

To conclude

Yes, there are going to be a lot more summers. Perhaps take in this time to realise that you might not even always need the bustling and the buzzing to have a good time. There’s always a lot we can do with the things we have within and only just around us.

Just don’t lose hope, together we’re in this, stronger-together we’ll be out of it.

Though for now — less is (and always will be) more.




Are these what a vomit of words' look like? I really can’t not tell.

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Franz Aryan

Franz Aryan

Are these what a vomit of words' look like? I really can’t not tell.

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